With busy clinical schedules and the necessity of patient engagement, educational focus is mission critical to best practices success. From a health literacy perspective, it is imperative to proactively provide the information patients need and personal touch they deserve. While most hearing health professionals aspire to establishing these helpful protocols, the majority of patient communication is typically verbal, not visual or written. In the meanwhile, daily time constraints make it challenging to effectively convey detailed diagnosis and treatment criteria in a manner that will be better understood, as well as more easily shared.

Further, in a rapidly evolving competitive environment, it is important to promote your practice’s brand, expertise and professionalism. With an often confusing array of web-based educational resources available to those in need of sound advice, it is peer-reviewed information from high integrity practices like yours that patients truly desire.

With your patient-centric and practice branding goals in focus, we introduce our “Hearing Health Education Center” collection, featuring research based designs that help explain 12 common conditions including:

Unilateral Hearing Loss
Meniere's Disease
Serous Otitis Media

Learn how easily you can “Pick 6”, to create your customized and branded educational display. As you will see, your informative handouts will effectively drive hearing health awareness messages home, while raising the community profile of your practice’s caring expertise.Most of your competitors do not invest the necessary time to properly implement this type of affordable and patient friendly educational strategy. Of course, this is all the more reason that it is a great way to cost effectively showcase your high standards of care with those in need, as well as their family and friends

By design, now is the time to “Pick 6” & create your own “Hearing Health Education Center”:

Affordable cost & small space requirement
A proactive way to address frequently asked questions
High impact on a continuity basis

Your quality of life focused educational informatione easy to share at point of care

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