WhoHDI is an entrepreneurial healthcare promotion company, led by an expert group of dedicated professionals. With decades of collective experience in branding, marketing, design, production & logistics, we aspire to genuinely partner with your esteemed practice. Our team players appreciate opportunities to prove themselves & delight in knowing “there is not a lot of traffic on the extra mile.” We take pride in being great listeners who quickly get in synch with how to help achieve your specific growth objectives. In addition to HDI being ardent supporters of your success, we are intensely loyal. Based on consistent feedback from our valued clients, this authentic trait inspires enthusiastic & long-­term collaboration.

WhatHDI believes the connection between the human eye & mind is a powerful, but often underutilized, resource which can influence healthcare related decision making behavior. On a strategic basis, we co-create targeted “In Sight, In Mind” awareness campaigns that stimulate internal referrals & raise visibility of your practice’s caring expertise in the local healthcare community. By accurately “diagnosing” your specific growth needs, our research based educational “treatment” solutions enable you to “Outsmart, not Outspend” the competition. Over many years, from inception at a world-class academic center, to national collaboration with 100’s of hearing health experts, our proprietary array of patient-centric visual triggers & implementation protocols have delivered exceptional results.

WhereAt the logical core of influential awareness campaigns is “your patients’ journey to well informed decisions” within your clinic. With your team’s fast-paced daily schedule & patients’ frequent difficulty in understanding complex medical information, it is vital to proactively distribute user-friendly educational materials. For example, how many of your patients, along with their family & friends, are aware of hearing loss comorbidities with aging, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, vision loss, kidney disease & ototoxicity?

While internal marketing is your grassroots foundation, it is targeted external marketing that will cost effectively deliver new patients on a continuity basis. With peer-reviewed research emphasizing medical referral importance, expanded hearing health partnerships are your most direct pathway for intuitive awareness information which is easily shared at other providers’ point of care. Upscale senior living communities are also prime targets, with quality of life messages focused on “Better Hearing, Better Community” goals. To complement these personalized outreach initiatives, corporate hearing health benefit programs are, with limited competition & positive wellness promotion trends, a high impact way to proficiently reach large target audiences.

WhenWith substantial anecdotal evidence & commentary on traditional media’s declining efficacy, reinforced by the Better Hearing Institute’s informative MarkeTrak VIII research, most industry experts agree there are acute needs to fine-tune best practices’ marketing mixes, so they will be the right fit for current market conditions. Times have changed & progressive early adopters of grassroots educational strategies are those who capitalize on their well respected hearing health partnerships. As HDI’s network of loyal collaborators expands rapidly, it is remarkable how consistently we get feedback such as: ”these are exactly the type of awareness programs we’ve been looking for”, “I wish we would have connected years ago” or “as busy as we are, this is precisely the type of strategic help we need.” Time is of the essence for your well-established practice to build upon its sustainable competitive advantages.

WhyHigh integrity practices know well that patient-centric care is what best motivates word of mouth referrals, while elevating the stature of their devoted profession. For those continually frustrated by price-oriented & transactional competitors, the best defense is a good offense, in this case, educationally so. Your caring practice builds success on success by expanding your sphere of influence & keeping an essential scope of hearing health-related awareness issues top of mind. You perform a valuable community service by helping many more patients in need to once again experience the “Joy of Hearing”, while enabling them to better communicate with all their healthcare providers. Driven by a focused team effort, HDI believes there is heartfelt satisfaction to be earned by doing business while doing good.

“Hearing is one of the body’s five senses, but listening is an art.”

Frank Tyger

bruce@hdimpressions.com | 314.276.7392
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